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In the ten years since her husband’s untimely death, Elise Fletcher has viewed the world from the safety of her window. After several panicky attempts to venture outside, she accepted her condition and developed a network of online friends and delivery services.

Raised in a home where drugs and violence rule, ten-year-old Danny Sterling spends most of his waking hours on the streets. He has learned to survive, but his carefree exterior hides a child that trusts no one. Read more »


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        Happy Birthday,

       Book Blurb Friday

Lance Duquette is the perpetual male lead of Sharpville’s small town theater productions. Onstage and off, females vie to be his leading lady, seemingly blinded to Lance’s love-them-and-leave-them attitude.

Backstage, Jimmy Hopkins helps with props and dreams of capturing the attention of makeup artist and wannabe playwright, Melody Light. Just as romance starts to bloom, Lance focuses his attentions on Melody. Deranged with jealousy, Jimmy threatens to make this play, Lance’s last.
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For years, Windy Bay had been home to fishing and boating enthusiasts. Now it harbored a thief. Locals and tourists had been victimized, but none could identify the stealthy perpetrator. When police are stumped, Detective Sam McAllister is summoned.

After two months, McAllister’s sterling reputation begins to tarnish. Despite his best efforts, he has found just one common link. All the victims recall the presence of a black dog. The town explodes in laughter, when McAllister points his finger at the canine. Sam renews his efforts, determined to find the person behind the dog. Read more »

Mandy’s Life

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Book Blurb Friday, hosted by Lisa Ricard Claro of Writing In The Buff, is just a couple weeks shy of its first birthday. Time has not diminished my enthusiasm for this wonderful meme, and it has provided me with a wealth of story ideas and an abundance of reading pleasure. That pleasure is sometimes accompanied by the frustration of unfinished stories, but I’m far too hooked too give it up.

This blurb is dedicated to Lisa, who promotes “the naked truth” in writing. Hope you enjoy it, Lisa. Thanks for a wonderful year of blurbs.

Mandy Hawkins was barely twelve, when she caught the eye of a wealthy businessman, who was passing through the small shantytown. Before the day was over, her father was hiding a wad of cash in the plot behind their shack and Mandy was the bride of a fifty-year-old man.

Lisa Auburn is a freelance writer, struggling for recognition. Searching for inspiration, she decides to record her great-grandmother’s story. Mandy recalls Read more »

Hidden Depths

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Sandy Thomas knew her parents were crazy, when they decided to adopt. Not a baby, but a thirteen-year-old girl, just one year younger than herself. Sandy dislikes everything about mousy Rose, who sleeps hugging a grungy teddy bear. She can’t ride a bike, can’t swim and has never skied. She seems content to stay at home, wearing frilly pink dresses and doing needlework with her mother. Even worse, Sandy suspects that Rose is the daughter her mother always wanted.
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