The Inheritance #7 – Grounds

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Sunlight streamed through the windows making patterns on the oak floor and chasing the early morning chill from the room. Kelly sat at the long wood table, sipping coffee from a heavy white mug, grateful that her grandfather had let her purchase a coffeemaker. Her grandmother had produced delicious coffee from the old percolator, but it was a skill that no one else had mastered. The new coffeemaker looked out of place in the kitchen, which had seen few changes since its restoration over fifty years earlier. Read more »

The Inheritance #5 – A Strange Partnership

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Kelly turned onto Beach Road. Large homes peeked from behind tall trees and security gates. Some were owned by the town’s more affluent citizens. Others were vacation homes and remained unoccupied for much of the year. Her grandfather had been the neighborhood’s only factory worker.

Ned Conley began work at the textile factory on his sixteenth birthday. His parents offered no resistance. Ned was good with his hands and took care of their home repairs, but he was a poor student and they had a lot of mouths to feed. He gave half of each week’s earnings to his parents and banked the rest. At eighteen, he joined the military. By the time he returned, another child had been added and Ned’s few possessions had been boxed and relegated to the attic. Ned moved into a boardinghouse and resumed work at the factory. He returned home each Sunday for dinner, praising his mother’s cooking, discussing politics with his father and playing with his younger siblings. Before leaving, he stuffed half his week’s earning into his mother’s cracked sugar bowl.

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The Inheritance #4 – Lack of Dough

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Jerry stood in the kitchen watching Kathleen shape pizza dough.

“We could just have some delivered.”

“I enjoy making it. Besides, it would cost a fortune to feed everyone.”

Jerry’s face tightened. “Right. I’ll go set up some tables.”
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The Inheritance #3 – The Gathering

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The ominous silence that had greeted Kelly was broken by a deep voice.

“Heavenly Father, we give thanks for this bountiful repast and for this gathering to honor our departed brother, Ned Conley.”

Pastor Jenkins continued his prayer and Kelly began to regain her composure. At the prayer’s close, she walked towards the gathering at the buffet tables. Dana, ever the peacemaker, met her halfway with a smile and a hug.

“I’m glad you came, Kelly. I’m so sorry for the unpleasantness. Losing Grandpa Ned has been a strain on all of us.”

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The Inheritance #2 – On the Way to Church

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The adults rode together in Matt’s minivan, while Kurt, Jerry and Kathleen’s oldest, transported the grandchildren in the family wagon. 

“Good thing there aren’t any more of us. Even with the van, we barely fit.”

“There would have been room for all of us in the limo, Jerry.”

“I’d rather walk, than go with that …”

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