The Perfect Gift

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“You gave your wife weight loss pills as a birthday gift?”

How could this jerk be my brother? I was fond of Jack, but surely, we didn’t come from the same gene pool.

“It’s not like I picked up the first bottle of pills I saw on the shelf, Gina. I did a lot of research on the best weight loss pills for women. I shelled out a lot of dough for those babies. They are numero uno.”

“You’re missing the point, Jack. You’ve just told your wife that she is fat.” Read more »

The Inheritance #7 – Grounds

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Sunlight streamed through the windows making patterns on the oak floor and chasing the early morning chill from the room. Kelly sat at the long wood table, sipping coffee from a heavy white mug, grateful that her grandfather had let her purchase a coffeemaker. Her grandmother had produced delicious coffee from the old percolator, but it was a skill that no one else had mastered. The new coffeemaker looked out of place in the kitchen, which had seen few changes since its restoration over fifty years earlier. Read more »

The Inheritance #4 – Lack of Dough

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Jerry stood in the kitchen watching Kathleen shape pizza dough.

“We could just have some delivered.”

“I enjoy making it. Besides, it would cost a fortune to feed everyone.”

Jerry’s face tightened. “Right. I’ll go set up some tables.”
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The Inheritance #2 – On the Way to Church

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The adults rode together in Matt’s minivan, while Kurt, Jerry and Kathleen’s oldest, transported the grandchildren in the family wagon. 

“Good thing there aren’t any more of us. Even with the van, we barely fit.”

“There would have been room for all of us in the limo, Jerry.”

“I’d rather walk, than go with that …”

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The Inheritance #1 – The Burial

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“That hypocritical  bi …”

Kathleen had probably elbowed him, although he was only voicing the sentiments of all her siblings.  Though Jerry had spoken softly, his voice was loud enough to be heard clearly around the hushed gravesite.  There were a couple of soft gasps amongst the townsfolk, but curiosity prevailed.  Kelly kept her head bent, grateful for her black veil,  and remained at the grave for another minute before walking with calm dignity towards the limo.  Keep it together for two more hours.  Attend the luncheon in the church hall and be gracious.  Hold your head up and don’t let them get to you.    Head down would have been better, she thought a moment later, as her heel slipped into a small hole and she sailed towards a tombstone.

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