Lighten Up

‘Tis not the season for dieting. Everyone knows that dieting is over a month and many holiday indulgences away.

I must confess that approach to weight loss has never made a lot of sense to me. With estimates of holiday gains starting at five pounds and spiraling up to ten, twenty or more, planning to diet after the holidays is a fine way to sabotage your weight loss plan before you’ve even started. Coupled with the high failure rate of New Year’s resolutions, it’s a sure plan for failure. A few weeks ago, Calico and I decided to get serious and avoid the post-holiday rush. Weight loss gurus suggest having a diet buddy and that has always worked well for us. It’s hard to be the lone dieter, when other family members are indulging in tasty empty calories. We do better, when we keep diet-compatible treats on hand and banish the junk from the house. The only positive thing about post holiday dieting is the abundance of diet products carried in the grocery stores. A few years ago, Calico and I followed a low carb diet and were delighted at the number of products that appeared on the grocery store shelves in January. Unfortunately, by February most of them were gone and replaced with Valentine candy. Ordering weight loss items online may be a bit pricier, but product availability is more reliable throughout the year. Read more at eating according to the seasons.

We are already enjoying the results of our efforts. Calico has gotten some new clothes that show off her hourglass shape and I’m enjoying the roomy fit of some formerly tight outfits. We are both enjoying the feeling of being ahead of the weight loss crowd. If you need to lose a bit of baggage, why not join us? Think how great it would feel to be ten pounds lighter on January 1st, rather than ten pounds heavier. That’s what I call a Happy New Year.